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Deafening Silence

“A wonderful story of young heroism told with spectacular imagery setting the scene for a world only a fantastical mind could conjure.” Goodreads


A Dance of Storms and Shadows continues with Deafening Silence, book 3 in the saga.


Charlie awakens to find himself in a strange world, far removed from the one he had left behind. He struggles to make sense of everything as his life before the Ten Year Battle becomes but a faint memory. Powerless in the midst of a violent and deadly insurgency, Charlie must draw on his strength, pain and resilience to save himself and survive in a world where the line between friend and foe is nonexistent. Uncovering a nefarious plot, Charlie must race against time to save what remains of his friends and the Towers of Light.

With dark and light forces conspiring against him, how will a neutralised Charlie survive in a charged world?

Deafening Silence

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